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24-hour Parking

“Parking Autohof Likourgos” was founded in 2004 by George Likourgos with the aim of providing a better and safer parking space for the vehicles of its customers. It is the first parking lot in the region of Pieria for large vehicles. It is located in the the 2nd km of the old national road of Katerini-Thessaloniki and its goal is to serve its customers 24 hours a day all year round. In a total space of 15,000 square meters, customers can park their truck and car, park their trailers, use the facilities (restaurant, cafeteria, bathroom), stay while waiting for something, spend the night safely in their vehicles, receive a phone call for information in the parking offices, have free internet access and proceed to vehicle maintenance.
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24-hour Gas Station

The gas station of Mr. Likourgos has a new, fully renovated facility that ensures proper fuel storage until it is supplied to the customer. It operates 24 HOURS – 7 DAYS a week – ALL YEAR ROUND for the unproblematic refueling of private and corporate fleets. The gas station is closed only during Christmas, December 25th & on Easter Sunday. We are here constantly to meet your needs in fuel required to meet the needs for quality service throughout the day. Our station is really careful about the selection and training of the staff, something that can only be witnessed by visiting the station. Also, the gas station maintains a computerized accounting department for the correct pricing of the products, the best service for corporate customers and the continuous update on the legislation in the field of fuel whose legislative framework is not yet defined, it is constantly being formed and requires effort to make the correct pricing and presentation of financial data to avoid penalties and fines. We participate in the AVIN Kerdizo program, we cooperate with Cashback World Partner and we have an ADBLUE pump for EURO 6 category vehicles.

Truck Wash

Here you can find maintenance and cleaning services. We have manufactured a state-of-the-art Istobal type vehicle wash that guarantees an excellent result with safety for your truck. In our vehicle wash we use high quality washing chemicals, all certified in combination with water from the water supply network, without residues and salts that damage your vehicle. Our staff has many years of experience in cleaning. We can also clean and disinfect truck cabs internally with special chemicals. Finally, we also have the possibility of greasing & maintenance (oils, filters) of your truck.

Truck Repair Shop

Repair – Service

Repair of heavy and light-duty trucks. We repair and replace:

  • Springs
  • Airsprings
  • Shock absorbers
  • Bars
  • Tie rod ends
  • Silent blocks
  • Landing legs
  • Tow hook bases, tow hooks


We have factory diagnostic and programming brains.


Open from 07:00 in the morning until 19:00 in the evening, the restaurant can offer meat on the grill, pasta, schnitzel & omelets, coffee, pies, soft drinks.

Extra Services

  • Provision of sockets for refrigerators
  • Clark use for loading and unloading products.
  • When the restaurant is closed, there is a vending machine with snacks and soft

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